Why I Didn’t Buy The 14,000 Woodworking Plans CD For $49.00

In our search for children’s bunk beds, we found the market saturated with site after site serving as a front for a huge woodworking CD. Perhaps you’ve seen it already. They offer 14,000+ plans for $49.00.

While we were impressed with the professional quality of the pictures, we were not woodworking enthusiasts looking for a life-time supply of hobby projects. We were parents with limited resources and woodworking experience, who wanted some sturdy, safe, and affordable bunk beds for our children.

I was unable to get much information on what specific bunk bed plans the CD actually offered. The slide-show of pictures they used looked highly professional, but the exploded views blew me away, and were not the style we were looking for any how.

It’s possible the CD does include plans we would like and could actually build, but we were unwilling to invest 50 dollars to find out. We ended up purchasing another set of plans from a nationally known woodworking magazine, for $10.00. The results were about the same. There were many detailed, professional looking photos and handy tips and techniques, but the project required lots of expensive materials, tools we didn’t own, and the instructions and pictures were overwhelming to a woodworking novice like myself. They seem to think that if they show you a detailed, exploded view, you’ll just somehow get how it’s supposed to be done. Maybe for those with a lot of woodworking experience, but not for us.

We needed a set of plans that guides us step-by-step through each procedure, and shows us a picture of how it’s done. We finally ended up drafting our own, based on pictures of models we liked, and which we thought would be the safest for children. When we were done, we went back, and made our own set of plans that explains everything line-by-line. The results were pleasantly surprising. Not only did the bunk beds look the way we wanted them to, but they were rock solid, and even meet national safety standards for children. I weigh over 200lbs., yet was able to climb all over these things with confidence.

So if you’re a wood-working enthusiast who wants a life-time supply of hobbies, 14,000 woodworking plans for $49.00 might be your best investment. If you’re a parent with limited resources and wood-working experience who wants sturdy, safe, affordable bunk beds for your children, we think you’ll appreciate our plans for only $7.00!

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