Bunk Bed Plans

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With three growing kids, we needed more space.  Bunk beds seemed like the answer, but we encountered two main problems.  Bunk beds were either affordable, but cheaply made, or they were solid but too expensive.  After much research, we developed a set of bunk bed plans that allowed us to make our own sturdy bunks, for less than the cost of the cheaply made ones.  Our children love the beds, and it gave us the extra space we needed to make their room neat and fun.

If you’ve been looking for bunk beds, but don’t want cheap, flimsy, or very expensive ones, we’ve developed a set of plans for you.  Whether experienced, or not, we believe our step-by-step instructions will make it easier for you to make your own bunks, with minimal tools, expense, and experience.  Each step of the plans is illustrated with detailed pictures, and includes straightforward instructions.

*Buy Now (Instant Download by email) For Only $7.00!

*Please note, these plans are in digital format, and will be sent to your email address, as a PDF file, by e-junkie.com. You will not receive a physical, paper copy of the plans, but you will receive a file that you can print.

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